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About ddfund.eu

What is ddfund.eu?

ddfund.eu (domain development fund) is the first fund in Poland and one of the first ones in the world, which focuses on investing in the internet domain market.

What constitutes the field of our activity?

The foundation of our activity is constituted by domains. We focus all our activity around them (fund, broker, auctions, conferences – these are only several examples of our activities).

What is a domain fund?

Domain fund constitutes one of the projects created as a part of ddfund.eu. It is a separate company in which external subjects may invest. Thus we allow every interested person for indirect investing in Internet domains, regardless of the knowledge about domain market or IT sector in general. Our domain portfolio encompasses several thousand selected name with extension .pl, .eu, .cz, .sk, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info. Investing in our fund you will become a shareholder of these domains.

Where are ddfund.eu headquarters?

We are domiciled at Ogrodowa 31/35 Street in Warsaw. If you would like to meet us and talk – you are welcome! Please contact us in order to establish the day of meeting. We often participate both in national and foreign conferences and meetings, mainly in the ones devoted to the Internet and domains. We would be very pleased to meet you at one of such conferences.

Who are we?

The originator and establisher of ddfund.eu is Daniel Dryzek – a 29-year-old entrepreneur, who has worked with domains since the year 2000, when he established hosting company and domain registrar. He has over 10 years of experience in domain branch and has been present for 5 years on the domain name secondary market. Both his experience in managing companies and portfolio of several thousand domains is extremely helpful and even essential in the development of ddfund.eu.

What is ddfund.eu and domain fund development strategy?

ddfund.eu plans to launch couple of domain related projects in coming years. They will be strictly connected to the Polish domain market and shall encompass such services as domain broker, auctions, fund, domain market and domain appraisals. Year 2012-2013 shall see the expansion of the already verified ideas, upon various foreign markets, with the undertaken actions especially directed towards the European Union.

Currently the domain fund portfolio consists of more than thousand selected valuable names. Our strategy aims at the obtainment of capital from external investors and further domain acquisition upon the Polish and national domain acquisition (ccTLDs) on the foreign markets. The plans also include IPO (Initial Public Offering) on NewConnect - Polish technology stock exchange.

Gaining experience

Experience in domain business constitutes everything. Knowledge comes along with practice – one’s own or somebody else’s. Hundreds of hours spent on reading the newest information coming from domain world, thousands of written posts and ten thousands of read entries on the Internet forums – both Polish and foreign ones. Moreover, several Polish and foreign domain conferences and hundreds of met people from the branch. Keeping blogs and organization of branch conferences. All the aforementioned actions contribute to the rich experience, which allows for accurate investment decisions with regard to the Internet domain secondary market.

Thousands of domain purchase and sale transactions

Nothing provides more knowledge than real transactions executed on the domain market. Thousands of purchased and sold domains taught us which domains are valuable and which are not. The fact whether a domain enjoys popularity among purchasers or not is influenced by many factors. The domain value is created first of all by its name, branch, length, extension, then by the current fashion or a client’s specific need.

We learn from our mistakes

Undoubtedly among thousands of realized transactions there occurred many missed purchases and unbeneficial sales. Taking into consideration the fact that we have already made that mistakes instead of you, please make use of our knowledge – we learn from our mistakes.

Learning by sharing the knowledge

We are very active participants of Internet forums devoted to Internet domains, especially the ones, which refer to the domain secondary market. We also keep thematic blogs – both in Polish and in English. Moreover, we write articles for domain and Internet oriented websites, participate in branch conferences and make an attempt at conveying our knowledge about domains to the journalists so that this knowledge could be propagated further to the wide range of addressees. We believe that by means of education we may increase the consciousness of value carried by a good Internet domain. Furthermore, we also gain knowledge due to the return information and questions, which are delivered to us.

Keeping finger on the pulse

Domain branch never stops nor stands still. There is no week or even a day without important events happening in the domain world. New extensions, auctions of interesting domains, conferences, new legal regulations or regulation entries in the domain registries. One has to be up-to-date in order not to lose an interesting investment occasion. One also has to possess most recent information in order to avoid potential problems. We do it for you, so that you would not have to worry about the money you invested.